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Example-Based Specification Tests Jan., 2006

Tests can become more like specifications, focused on the core of a domain. This is a one-page summary of my working guidelines for creating tests that speak well.

There are different ways of writing Fit tests. One I strive for is tests that read like specifications, focused on the core of a domain - its key objects and key workflows. Just as you might remove duplication in code, you can remove duplication in Fit tests and work down to the heart of what's being tested.

These guidelines try to summarize the way I rearrange and rework tests to move in that direction. It's certainly a work in progress; I don't think I've caught everything important about this. But I've found these guidelines useful as a checklist. I'd be happy to hear your experiences.

Example-Based Specification Test Guidelines (PDF)

[Thanks to Brian Marick for his early feedback; he points out you don't have to be as exhaustive about Booleans as these guidelines are. Written Dec., 2005.]

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