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What's Up?

I've had a bunch of XP Programmer cubes made; send me your physical address and I'll send one along. This is just a gift; I don't retain your physical or email address.



Materials from the OOPSLA 2000 tutorial "Extreme Programming Live!".

Interested in the Swing library for Java? See the Swing/JFC FAQ (or mirror).

Interested in frameworks? I have a draft book on the subject (dated, but I still like parts).

My resume - e-commerce and Java.

I'm interested in Extreme Programming, human-computer interaction, digital libraries, and object-oriented patterns. 

I welcome comments on my publications and draft papers. 


Games for Programmers
XPlorations - Extreme Programming

Older Series:
Pattern Patter - Design and other patterns
Interface Seams - User interface
Analysis Objective - Object-oriented analysis

Other Material




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Pattern Patter 

Essays and resources for software patterns.  

Last few patterns: Hide Information in Plain Sight, Renderer, "Template Method" in Java, Backpatching, Program Generator, Templates/Macros, Table-Driven Design, Interface-Abstract-Default.

Patterns Information and Back Issues



Analysis Objective (First-cut object models): February, 2000: Z39.50 Search System - Object Model

August '99: Object Analysis for the Envision Publication Database (Word) (and Rose model).

September '97: Training System

Analysis Information and Back Issues

Whimsy: For Want of a Nail (April, 1999).


Interface Seams

Essays and resources concerning human-computer interaction. 

July: Multimodal icons

HCI Information and Back Issues


Family resumes

Steve Wake's resume - Smalltalk, simulation.
Bill Wake's resume - e-commerce and Java.

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