Games for Programmers

This series will look at a number of games that can help programmers refine their craft.

Much of this work has been inspired by my efforts to teach Extreme Programming, but we won't limit ourselves to that topic.

If you try these games, please let me know how they've worked for you.

Origins '04 Trip Report - a major game conference

For Fun

Programming Language Puzzle (Word Stack) (Aug., '09)
Game Word Stack (Dec., '05)

Other Games

Links to Other People's Games

Industrial Logic (Joshua Kerievsky)

Extreme Hour (Peter Merel)

XP Game (Belgian XP User's Group)

Planning Poker (James Grenning)

Workshop (OOPSLA '02)

Using Play to Enhance Learning About Objects


Play is serious! Games, simulations, puzzles, and toys in the classroom can improve student motivation, lead to better long-term memory, and reduce learning anxiety. Used effectively, play can leverage competition and foster collaboration. Above all, play makes learning fun.

We started exploring how play can make it easier to learn about object-oriented technology.

Workshop home page: Using Play to Enhance Learning About Objects


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