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Review – Presentation Zen, by Garr Reynolds

Presentation Zen, by Garr Reynolds. New Riders Press, 2008. Have you ever used PowerPoint(tm) templates with bullet points? I have. Garr Reynolds shows how to use strong visuals instead. The trick is to trim down to your essential story, then … Continue reading

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Review – Instructional Design Strategies and Tactics

Instructional Design Strategies and Tactics, Cynthia B. Leshin, Joellyn Pollock, Charles M. Reigeluth. Educational Technology Publications, 1992.Certain instructional patterns are worth repeating. These authors use a very structured approach to instruction, complete with job aids to support it. As a … Continue reading

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Review – Creative Training Techniques Handbook

Creative Training Techniques Handbook, Robert W. Pike, Human Resource Development Press, 2003.This is a wide-ranging book on training. It reads like a brain-dump, with lots of nuggets from an experienced trainer. (That’s both an advantage and a disadvantage.) I particularly … Continue reading

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Test-Driven Development Workout

Test-Driven Development Workout is a tutorial presented by Bill Wake and Steve Metsker at OOPSLA '04. PowerPoint

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A framegame is a reusable game shell into which you plug in learning content. Continue reading

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Review – Developing Technical Training

Developing Technical Training: A Structured Approach for the Development of Classroom and Computer-Based Instructional Materials, Ruth Colvin Clark. Addison Wesley, 1989.Clark provides a framework for thinking about content and performance. On one dimension is “Apply vs. Remember”; on the other … Continue reading

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Review – Impro

Impro: Improvisation and the Theatre, Keith Johnstone. Routledge, 1979. Improvisational acting techniques are influencing the training world. They help you look at everything that happens as something you can say, “Yes, and” to, and create new and interesting things. Johnstone … Continue reading

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Review – Training Games

Training Games: Everything You Need to Know About Using Games to Reinforce Learning, Susan El-Shamy. Stylus Publishing, 2001.Describes some theory indicating how games help learning, classifies games a few ways, and considers electronic games. Considers the mechanics of playing and … Continue reading

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Review – Training to Imagine

Training to Imagine: Practical Improvisational Theatre Techniques to Enhance Creativity, Teamwork, Leadership, and Learning, Kat Koppett. Stylus Publishing, 2001.For improv techniques, think of the Drew Carey show “Whose Line is It Anyway?” Improv ideas can make learning memorable; they feel … Continue reading

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Analysis Objective: Training System

A first-cut analysis and high-level design of a computer-based instruction system. Continue reading

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