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Schools of Software Testing (Pettichord)

Schools of Software Testing. Continue reading


Extreme Test Makeover – Agile ’06

Lessons for Fit. Continue reading

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Semantics of Fit: A Path Toward New Tools

Fit’s standard interpretation tells us how well a program does against a set of test cases. We can design new semantics for reporters (that give us interesting information) and for rewriters (that make interesting transformations of our tests). Continue reading

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Fit Spreadsheet – Output

Starting Fit To use fit, you create a web page that has tables in it; the tables specify tests. (There are other options but that is easiest.) In this case, I'm using Microsoft Word™ and saving the file in HTML … Continue reading

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Fit Spreadsheet

Ward Cunningham has created an acceptance testing framework known as fit. (See http://fit.c2.com for more details.) In this brief experiment, we’ll use tests to help specify a simple spreadsheet for strings. Continue reading

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Review – The Art of Software Testing

The Art of Software Testing, Glenford Myers. Wiley, 1979. Dated? Yes, but I still like it. (Reviewed Nov., '02)

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Acceptance Tests for a Query System

Tests for a(n imaginary) library query system. Continue reading

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Acceptance Test Mechanisms

An acceptance test is a test that the user defines, to tell whether the system as a whole works the way the user expects. Ideally, the acceptance tests are defined before the code that implements the feature. Acceptance tests are … Continue reading

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Introduction to XP (.PPT)

PPT presentation

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