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Intensifying Stories Job Aid

"Intensifying stories" is an attempt to identify what can make a story (feature, capability) more potent. I've identified key features in a number of systems (perhaps 50), identified a rule or concept beneath those features, then generalized that to apply to … Continue reading

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Intensifying Stories: Running with the Winners

For a given story headline, many interpretations are possible. These vary in their quality and sophistication. I call this the intensity or depth of a story. Story intensity is a knob you can control, dialing it down for earlier delivery, … Continue reading

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Valuable Stories in the INVEST Model

Of all the attributes of the INVEST model, "Valuable" is the easiest one to, well, value. Who is against value? We'll look at these key aspects: What is value? The importance of external impact Value for whom? What is Value? … Continue reading

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Negotiable Stories in the INVEST Model

In the INVEST model for user stories, N is for Negotiable (and Negotiated). Negotiable hints at several important things about stories: The importance of collaboration Evolutionary design Response to change Collaboration Why do firms exist? Why isn't everything done by … Continue reading

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Independent Stories in the INVEST Model

The INVEST model is a reminder of the important characteristics of user stories, and it starts with I for Independent. Independent stories each describe different aspects of a system's capabilities. They are easier to work with because each one can … Continue reading

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Ways to Split Stories – Summary Sheet

Summary sheet – 20 ways to split stories. Continue reading

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User Story Examples

This is a sample set of user stories for a time management system. Continue reading

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Stories for SideReel.com

Example stories. Continue reading

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Slicing Functionality: Alternate Paths

When you need to break up a big feature, you often have many choices about how to do so. Continue reading

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Twenty Ways to Split Stories

There are a number of dimensions along which you can split stories. Continue reading

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Review – Extreme Programming Explained, 2/e

Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change, 2/e, by Kent Beck and Cynthia Andres. Addison-Wesley Professional, 2004. ISBN 0321278658.Kent Beck’s new introduction to the practices and philosophy of XP. See an extended summary.(Reviewed Feb., ’05)

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Overview of “Extreme Programming Explained, 2/e”

A review of the new version of Extreme Programming Explained. Continue reading

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Review – User Stories Applied

User Stories Applied, Mike Cohn. Addison-Wesley, 2004.This book is all about user stories, focused on the XP-style customer or the Scrum-style product owner (although programmers and others should know this material as well). Mike describes what stories are, how to … Continue reading

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INVEST in Good Stories, and SMART Tasks

XP teams have to manage stories and tasks. The INVEST and SMART acronyms can remind teams of the good characteristics of each. Continue reading

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