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Review – Agile Product Management with Scrum (Pichler)

Agile Product Management with Scrum: Creating Products that Customers Love, by Roman Pichler. Addison-Wesley, 2010. This is a fairly easy read (about 120 pages) explaining the role of the Product Owner in Scrum. I'd describe the target as "someone preparing … Continue reading

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100 Impediments

One of the most important things a ScrumMaster does is recognize and remove impediments. Continue reading

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ScrumGathering ’07

ScrumGathering ’07 trip report. Continue reading

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Leadership Reading List

Leadership reading list. Continue reading

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ScrumGathering ’06, Open Space

ScrumGathering. Continue reading

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Agile ’05 Conference Report

Agile ’05 conference. Continue reading

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Scrum Development on a Page

Scrum is an agile software process, centered around a self-organizing team and a 30-day development cycle. This page contains a one-page summary of its development process. Continue reading

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Scrum Gathering Oct ’04

The Scrum gathering was a workshop gathered for a couple days in Denver, this past October ['04]. We worked in three groups: metrics, process, and facilitation. Continue reading

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Review – Agile Project Management with Scrum

Agile Project Management with Scrum, Ken Schwaber. Microsoft Press, 2004.This book presents stories from several software teams adopting Scrum. It takes stories from several perspectives such as “The Product Owner” or “Scaling Projects using Scrum.” What I like best is … Continue reading

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Scrum from Hell

Practice standup meetings with a dysfunctional one. Continue reading

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The Knowledge-Creating Company – Extended Summary

This is a summary and critique of The Knowledge-Creating Company, by Ikujiro Nonaka and Hirotaka Takeuchi. They are the original protagonists of the Scrum approach. Continue reading

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Reivew – Agile Software Development with Scrum

Agile Software Development with Scrum, Ken Schwaber and Mike Beedle. Prentice Hall, 2001.Scrum explicitly relies on the emergence of a true team. By focusing on 30-day sprints, daily standup meetings, and management’s ability to remove obstacles, a team has an … Continue reading

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