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Project Portfolios and Agile

Portfolio perspective. Continue reading

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Using Actuals with Estimates

A way to track estimates. Continue reading

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Agile Project Management, XP Style

How do you plan the overall shape of a project in XP? This article summarizes planning with little reference to the programming aspects of XP. Continue reading

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Review – Agile Estimating and Planning

Agile Estimating and Planning, Mike Cohn. Pearson Education, 2006.My back-cover review was “Mike Cohn explains his approach to Agile planning, and shows how ‘critical chain’ thinking can be used to effectively buffer both schedule and features. As with User Stories … Continue reading

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Twenty Ways to Split Stories

There are a number of dimensions along which you can split stories. Continue reading

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Review – Software by Numbers

Software by Numbers, Mark Denne and Jane Cleland-Huang. Prentice-Hall, 2004. An MMF – “minimal marketable feature” – represents a unit of functionality that has value. This book shows how incremental delivery and incremental funding of MMFs can work together to … Continue reading

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Review – Extreme Programming Explained, 2/e

Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change, 2/e, by Kent Beck and Cynthia Andres. Addison-Wesley Professional, 2004. ISBN 0321278658.Kent Beck’s new introduction to the practices and philosophy of XP. See an extended summary.(Reviewed Feb., ’05)

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Overview of “Extreme Programming Explained, 2/e”

A review of the new version of Extreme Programming Explained. Continue reading

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Customer Value – Unbundling

Working story by story lets you create value in independent pieces. You can bundle or unbundle these to meet your needs. Continue reading

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Review – Agile Project Management with Scrum

Agile Project Management with Scrum, Ken Schwaber. Microsoft Press, 2004.This book presents stories from several software teams adopting Scrum. It takes stories from several perspectives such as “The Product Owner” or “Scaling Projects using Scrum.” What I like best is … Continue reading

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Customer Value: Short-Term and Long-Term

Consider both short-term and long-term value when selecting stories to implement. Continue reading

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ISO Certification for XP at LogicaCMG

LogicaCMG’s experience with getting ISO 9000 certification for an XP team. Continue reading

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Review – User Stories Applied

User Stories Applied, Mike Cohn. Addison-Wesley, 2004.This book is all about user stories, focused on the XP-style customer or the Scrum-style product owner (although programmers and others should know this material as well). Mike describes what stories are, how to … Continue reading

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Review – Radical Project Management

Radical Project Management, by Rob Thomsett. Prentice Hall, 2002.I don’t know why the title says “Radical”, as throughout the book it’s “eXtreme Project Management.” Thomsett develops a project management approach that considers value throughout the project’s whole life cycle. He … Continue reading

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Fisheye Lens Project Management

XP and Scrum project plans can operate with less detail than traditional project plans; this is like a fisheye lens, which shows more detail about things close to the center. Continue reading

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