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Review – Voice Lessons to Go

Voice Lessons to Go: Volume 1 – Vocalize and Breathe Voice Lessons to Go: Volume 2 – Do Re Mi Ear and Pitch TrainingBy Ariella Vaccarino. These CDs are designed to help improve your singing voice. For me, an untrained … Continue reading

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Review – Free Play

Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art, Stephen Nachmanovich. Tarcher/Putnam, 1990.When everything happens in “real time”, we have improvisation, whether it’s music or drama (or software!). Nachmanovitch explores the interplay of freedom and rules, of work and play, of practice … Continue reading

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Review – Musical Improv Comedy

Musical Improv Comedy, Michael Pollock. Masteryear Publishing, 2003.This is a slim volume, about 100 pages, plus a CD. Being able to improvise songs on demand is a skill that appeals to me. This book certainly didn’t make me an instant … Continue reading

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Review – Funny Noises for the Connoisseur

Funny Noises for the Connoisseur, by Bart Hopkin with Ray Brunelle and Vincent Nicastro. Experimental Music Inc., 2003. ISBN 0-9727313-1-8. Book and CD.In 60 pages, the authors explore a bunch of ways to make some very odd sounds. There are … Continue reading

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Review – Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?, Pete Seeger. Lancaster Press. 1997. ISBN 1-881322-10-6 The subtitle is “A Musical Autobiography,” and that’s what it is. It’s chock-full of songs (both words and music) and reminiscences of a long life. It gave … Continue reading

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Review – MouthSounds

MouthSounds: How to whistle, pop, boing, and honk, Fred Newman. Workman Publishing, 2004. ISBN 0761134220.I love books that are a smorgasbord, and this one certainly qualifies. Flip to any page, and you’ll find an interesting sound to make. Great fun. … Continue reading

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