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Embracing Commitment

Commitment is a powerful tool. Continue reading

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Calling Your Shot

Call your shot, then do it. Continue reading

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Schwerpunkt = Focal Point

What’s the focus? Continue reading

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The Humble “Yo!”

When you get blocked, do you get help, or hide and hope things will get better?. Continue reading

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Patterns for Iteration Retrospectives

These patterns (or perhaps proto-patterns) discuss how to use iteration retrospectives as a way of helping a team reflect on and learn from the project while it’s still going on. Continue reading

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Extreme Programming as Nested Conversations

One way to look at XP is to consider the conversations it involves. Continue reading

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Review – Understanding Computers and Cognition

Understanding Computers and Cognition: A New Foundation for Design, Terry Winograd and Fernando Flores. Addison-Wesley, 1987. My favorite part is the notion of explicit conversations for action: making requests, counter-proposals, etc. (Reviewed Nov., ’02)

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Ten Things XP Teams Say

Communication relies on context as well as message. This paper discusses the thinking behind things XP team members say. Continue reading

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