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Job Aids

There are several examples of job aids on xp123.com; I've consolidate examples and related books on job aids at its sister site, jobaids.info


Intensifying Stories Job Aid

"Intensifying stories" is an attempt to identify what can make a story (feature, capability) more potent. I've identified key features in a number of systems (perhaps 50), identified a rule or concept beneath those features, then generalized that to apply to … Continue reading

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Review – The Checklist Manifesto, by Atul Gawande

The Checklist Manifesto, by Atul Gawande. Metropolitan, 2009. This book is an expansion of Gawande’s interesting New Yorker article. It’s an exploration of how the relatively simple idea of a checklist can be used to ensure that complicated things get … Continue reading

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100 Impediments

One of the most important things a ScrumMaster does is recognize and remove impediments. Continue reading

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Ways to Split Stories – Summary Sheet

Summary sheet – 20 ways to split stories. Continue reading

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Smell to Refactoring Cheat Sheet – Industrial Logic

Refactoring cheat sheet. Continue reading

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Scrum Development on a Page

Scrum is an agile software process, centered around a self-organizing team and a 30-day development cycle. This page contains a one-page summary of its development process. Continue reading

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Review – Mapping Inner Space

Mapping Inner Space, 2/e, Nancy Margulies with Nusa Maal. Zephyr Press, 2002.This book presents techniques for visual maps, their version of mind maps. You can certainly learn the basics without this book, but it makes great use of color and … Continue reading

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Configuration Management on a Page

This is a one-page summary of basic terms and processes for configuration management, suitable for an agile team. Also available in a Microsoft Word verion (.doc).

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Review – Reinventing the Wheel

Reinventing the Wheel, Jessica Helfand. Princeton Architectural Press, 2002.This is a picture book of volvelles, wheel calculators. You typically set a pointer to a particular value, and windows or the edge of the wheel reveal an answer. If you have … Continue reading

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XP on One Page

This mini-poster serves as a reminder about most aspects of XP. Continue reading

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Java Coding Standard

I've documented my personal Java coding standard onto a single page:      Java Coding Standard on a Page   References Sun's Java Coding Conventions JavaBeans (including naming convention) JavaDoc conventions [Written 2-17-2000.]

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