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Intensifying Stories Job Aid

"Intensifying stories" is an attempt to identify what can make a story (feature, capability) more potent.

I've identified key features in a number of systems (perhaps 50), identified a rule or concept beneath those features, then generalized that to apply to a number of other systems.

Intensifying Stories Job Aid (PDF)

This is no master list (nor do I expect any to exist), but I hope this list is helpful for people working to create highly-valuable capabilities in systems.

Review – The Checklist Manifesto, by Atul Gawande

The Checklist Manifesto, by Atul Gawande. Metropolitan, 2009.

This book is an expansion of Gawande’s interesting New Yorker article. It’s an exploration of how the relatively simple idea of a checklist can be used to ensure that complicated things get done well. What works for pilots also works well for surgery. I thought the article was enough to get the idea, but the book was an interesting read for more depth.

100 Impediments

One of the most important things a ScrumMaster does is recognize and remove impediments.

This summary sheet includes 100 impediments (PDF) you may run into (though hopefully not all at once:).

I was inspired to start this list years ago from an article by Barry Boehm (which I've since lost and can't even find a reference for it).

I've found these articles that address impediments, and you may find their perspective useful as well:

[August, 2009.]

Scrum Development on a Page

Scrum is an agile software process, centered around a self-organizing team and a 30-day development cycle. This page contains a one-page summary of its development process.

Scrum on a page. (Microsoft Word .doc format, Adobe .PDF format)


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XP on One Page

This mini-poster serves as a reminder about most aspects of XP.

Poster: XP on One Page (PDF), French

Thanks to Laurent Bossavit, Alex Chaffee, George Dinwiddie, Alan Francis, Ed Hughes, Ron Jeffries, Paul Moore, Ilja Preuss, and Bob Worth. I appreciated their suggestions even if I didn’t always follow their advice. I’m certain I forgot others who wrote – thank you too!

Special thanks to Becky Kuhlman, who did the graphic design.

Thanks to Nicolas Mereaux for the French translation.

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