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Design Patterns in Java – Sample Chapter – Adapter

Sample chapter – Adapter. Continue reading

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Review – Design Patterns in Java

Design Patterns in Java. Steve Metsker and William C. Wake. Addison-Wesley, 2006. I won’t review my own book, but I will summarize: This is a workbook-style book, updating Steve’s earlier Design Patterns Java Workbook and Design Patterns in C#. It covers the same 23 … Continue reading

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Review – Refactoring Workbook

Refactoring Workbook, William Wake. Addison-Wesley, 2003. [Consider this a summary rather than a review my own book.] My goals were to create a workbook that helps people practice recognizing smells (problems) and learn to apply important refactoring techniques. There's a … Continue reading

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Review – JUnit Recipes

JUnit Recipes, JB Rainsberger. Manning, 2004. If test-driven development makes sense, but you need help in particular areas, this book provides it. JB covers everything from basic object testing to patterns, databases, XML, servlets, and more J2EE. Well-written and highly … Continue reading

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Pattern Patter: Anonymous Subclass with Instance Initializer

A way to initialize a Java object. Continue reading

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Review – JUnit Pocket Guide

JUnit Pocket Guide, Kent Beck. O’Reilly, 2004.This is a quick intro to using JUnit for testing. It’s a quick read. Along with reference information about JUnit, it’s got a quick version of the philosophy behind Test-Driven Development. (Reviewed December, ’04)

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Napkin Look-and-Feel

“Napkin” is a cool look & feel. Continue reading

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Review – Refactoring

Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code, Martin Fowler et al. Addison-Wesley, 1999. The best printed source on refactoring. Uses Java for the examples. See also the Refactoring home site. (Reviewed Nov., '02)

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Java Coding Standard

I've documented my personal Java coding standard onto a single page:      Java Coding Standard on a Page   References Sun's Java Coding Conventions JavaBeans (including naming convention) JavaDoc conventions [Written 2-17-2000.]

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