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Review – Pragmatic Guide to Git (Swicegood)

Pragmatic Guide to Git, by Travis Swicegood. Pragmatic Bookshelf, 2010.   I'm using git for the first time on a small project with a friend, and wanted a quick focused handbook to help with that. This book fills that bill. … Continue reading

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Review – Ant

Ant, The Definitive Guide, by Jesse Tilly & Eric M. Burke. O'Reilly, 2002. ISBN 0-596-00184-3. This is a classic O'Reilly animal book showing – what else? – a horned lizard on the cover. But it's classic member of the series … Continue reading

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Configuration Management on a Page

This is a one-page summary of basic terms and processes for configuration management, suitable for an agile team. Also available in a Microsoft Word verion (.doc).

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Ratchets Capture Progress: Steps to Continuous Integration

A ratchet is a mechanism for locking in progress. Frequent builds and regression tests represent ratchets for development. Continue reading

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Continuous Integration in XP

What mechanisms can a team use to prevent integration problems? Continue reading

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