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Review – Stacking the Deck

Stacking the Deck. Bryan Berg with Thomas O’Donnell. Fireside, 2003.
If you’d like to see some amazing card-stacking by a world-class expert, this is the book for you. It’s got lots of great pictures of some amazing structures, and instructions to build many of them. I didn’t tackle any of the hard ones, just played a little with some of the small stacks in the first chapter or two. (Reviewed July ’09)

Review – Self-Working Handkerchief Magic

Self-Working Handkerchief Magic, Karl Fulves. Dover Press, 1988.

Fulves has a number of collections of simple magic tricks. I enjoy playing with some of them even though I’d never perform them for others. My interest in origami stretches to cloth folding as well, and this book includes a “handkerchief mouse” that my dad used to make. Bruce Tognazzini used to talk about magic as a metaphor for user interfaces; I think it stretches to other things too. (Reviewed May, ’04)

Review – Origami

Origami, Hideaki Sakata. GRAPH-SHA LTD., 1984.
This is a beginner’s origami book, but it’s the best beginner’s book I’ve seen. It shows six or seven bases, from which about 40 objects are created. Because the book uses color pictures instead of line drawings, each step is easy to follow. (Reviewed Sept., ’03)