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Review – Stacking the Deck

Stacking the Deck. Bryan Berg with Thomas O’Donnell. Fireside, 2003.If you’d like to see some amazing card-stacking by a world-class expert, this is the book for you. It’s got lots of great pictures of some amazing structures, and instructions to … Continue reading

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Review – Funny Noises for the Connoisseur

Funny Noises for the Connoisseur, by Bart Hopkin with Ray Brunelle and Vincent Nicastro. Experimental Music Inc., 2003. ISBN 0-9727313-1-8. Book and CD.In 60 pages, the authors explore a bunch of ways to make some very odd sounds. There are … Continue reading

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Review – MouthSounds

MouthSounds: How to whistle, pop, boing, and honk, Fred Newman. Workman Publishing, 2004. ISBN 0761134220.I love books that are a smorgasbord, and this one certainly qualifies. Flip to any page, and you’ll find an interesting sound to make. Great fun. … Continue reading

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Review – Self-Working Handkerchief Magic

Self-Working Handkerchief Magic, Karl Fulves. Dover Press, 1988. Fulves has a number of collections of simple magic tricks. I enjoy playing with some of them even though I’d never perform them for others. My interest in origami stretches to cloth … Continue reading

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Review – Origami

Origami, Hideaki Sakata. GRAPH-SHA LTD., 1984. This is a beginner’s origami book, but it’s the best beginner’s book I’ve seen. It shows six or seven bases, from which about 40 objects are created. Because the book uses color pictures instead … Continue reading

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Review – The New Origami

The New Origami, Steve Biddle and Megumi Biddle. St. Martin’s Press, 1993. A broad look at an assortment of origami styles. My favorites: the troublewit and the jack-in-the-box. (Reviewed Nov., ’02)

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