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Review – Structured Design

Structured Design. Edward Yourdon and Larry L. Constantine. Prentice-Hall, 1979.

This was one of the early structured "standard works" that I've only just gotten to for the first time. I'd learned things like coupling and cohesion, afferent and efferent flows, and the concept of factoring, but it's much stronger coming directly from this source. Not everything here is compatible with the way I think about design, but this is one of those books that deserve repeated study.

Review – Current Trends in Programming Methodology, Vol. 4: Data Structuring

Current Trends in Programming Methodology, Volume 4: Data Structuring, Raymond T. Yeh, editor. Prentice-Hall, 1978.

In parallel with "structured programming," (which often focused on code structure), there was more esoteric work done on "structured data." A lot of this found fruition in things like container libraries. (Few people write their own hash tables any more.) But there was a deeper side of this that explores formal methods for data structures. This out-of-print collection of articles explores many aspects of the algebra of data structures. (Reviewed Dec., ’07)